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"Decatur City Schools has partnered with MySchoolPayroll as a time and attendance solution for over 12 years.  Not only is our payroll procedure more efficient and accurate, MySchoolPayroll is reasonably priced and requires no large investment in equipment." Melanie Maples - Decatur City Schools

TES Software and the staff are wonderful! I have used the TES system for 11 years, both as a school secretary and as a district support person. The company is large enough to provide schools with all the needed financial tools and yet small enough to be given personalized service with efficiency. They are always very positive and helpful. One of the modules that has benefitted me as a district support person is the MyDistrictSummary module. This module allows me to easily consolidate reports from schools into one district report. The reports give me district totals, as well as individual school information. I use it for budgeting, 1099 and year-end reports. This process has saved me many hours each time I use the system and helps me to have the information required for district and state reporting requirements. I also feel that it eliminates possible human errors and makes the reports more accurate. I strongly recommend use of the TES My District Summary, and all of the other TES products.  

~ Shawna Gurling - Tooele County School District - Tooele, Utah

I have really appreciated working with TES Software over the past several years. I feel that every time I call with a question or need to resolve an issue, or reconcile a transaction, the TES Support team is always willing to help with a very optimistic attitude. Sometimes it may require time to research something, but they are always good to get back with me within a timely manner. I have also appreciated Mr. Tatton’s hardware and network support whenever I have needed assistance.

~ Connie Parker, Finance Secretary - Springville High School, Nebo School District - Springville, Utah

I have worked for the Iron County School District for over twenty years. During this time I have used several school accounting programs. I have found MySchoolAccounting to be superior. It is so user friendly you can practically teach yourself! Their tech support has been fantastic and willing. I have always been able to get the help I need.

~ Debbie Slaugh, Office Manager - Cedar High School, Iron County Schools - Cedar City, Utah

Your software has made my quality of work life so much better. I have less stress and more free time because of your wonderful program. Thanks so much!!

~ Brenda Ferrell – Greystone Elementary School, Hoover City Schools - Birmingham ,Alabama

TES spells YES for school financial software. This is a fantastic program that gets better the more you use it.

~ Carolyn Judd – Nebo School District - Spanish Fork, Utah

Every time the state has changed the requirements, TES has quickly made the needed modifications. They have served us for 25 years.

~ Greg Holbrook - Alpine School District - American Fork, Utah