Working from home?
Various third-party technologies and the different security protocols associated with those third-party technologies do not allow us to do a MySchoolAccounting/MySchoolReceipts installation on your home computer. Please contact your district for their protocol. They may have a way for you to remote in to your work computer. TES Software's Advanced Support Staff stands by to assist your district in any way we can.
Date Description
MySchoolAccounting/MySchoolReceipts Download
12.07.2018 MySchoolAccounting/MySchoolReceipts User Manual Download
12.07.2018 MySchoolAccounting/MySchoolReceipts Technical Manual Download
01.15.2021 History of Changes and Updates to the system Download
Database Engines
Date Description
08.05.2016 Pervasive Workgroup Database Engine Download
04.21.2016 Pervasive Windows Server Download
12.12.2018 Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016 Download
07.31.2019 Oracle ODBC driver installer 12 Download
Date Description
07.10.2019 Setup Paywire Ingenico Reader IPP320 V3/V4  OCX 2.60 Download
07.15.2018 Form Letters for Registration Download
01.24.2019 TES-Support-TeamViewer (Windows) Download
05.01.2020 Setup Paywire Ingenico Reader IPP320 V3/V4 3.15 Download
District Specific
Date Description
05.09.2019 Alpine - Client Installation Download
05.28.2018 Huntsville - Laptop Configuration Download
02.17.2020 Leeds - Client Installation Download
05.17.2019 No Summit - Client Installation Download
05.17.2019 Tooele - Client Installation Download
07.16.2019 WestAda - Client Installation Download
12.01.2019 Cache - Client Installation Download
05.26.2020 Uintah - Client Installation Download
05.26.2020 Morgan - Client Installation Download
06.18.2020 Duchesne - Client Installation Download
07.10.2020 Spartanburg - Client Installation Download
07.20.2020 Grand - Client Installation Download
11.28.2020 Box Elder - Client Installation Download
Pre Release - For Testing  My School Accounting\MySchoolReceipts BETA for TESTING ONLY Download