The Hyrum Tatton Phoenix Scholarship

Make a difference

to a well-deserving student.

What is it?

The scholarship is named after TES founder and former school principal Hyrum Tatton. Hyrum and his team want to honor students who exemplify the strength and renewal of the Phoenix, as symbolized in ancient cultures.

How it works?

The Hyrum Tatton Phoenix Scholarship awards $1000 to a student who embodies the Phoenix's strength by turning their education or life around.

Simply complete the form below and submit it for review. We require a telephone number and an email address in case we need to contact you for clarification. 

You will receive an email confirmation when your referral is in review.

    • The person nominating must be on staff at a school using a TES Software product.
    • Two nominations per staff person.
    • The family members of the person submitting the nomination are not eligible.