Districts and schools use existing computers and networks to run our easy-to-use, easy-to-audit and extremely efficient Employee Time and Attendance system designed specifically for schools. Employee Time Clock Portal Provides Flexible Clock In/Out for all Employees
  • Employees with a computer clock in at their desk, others use shared workstations placed connected to your LAN.
  • Administrators, teachers and other exempt employees use the Login Only feature.
  • Secretaries, lunchroom workers, custodians and other non-exempt employees use a full-featured time clock.
  • Substitutes use the same systems to record their services.
Clear Lines of Communication
  • Employees select their leave type (Sick, Personal, etc.) and other absence data when logging back in after an absence, eliminating the need to complete additional paperwork at the office.
  • Employees can access their time clock and absence history at their desk or clock-in workstation.
  • Employees have the information they need when they need it, without having to bother office personnel.
Secured by District-Wide Microsoft SQL Database
  • All district time and attendance data resides on single, secure Microsoft SQL database.
  • Clock in/out via an internal web site serving all types of computers: Windows, Mac, Unix.
  • Each school’s Payroll secretary can access their school’s data, while central office personnel access district data.
MySchoolTimeClock is the Most Cost Effective Way for your School District to Meet all Requirements of Federal and State Wage and Hour Regulations Complete Integration with your District Payroll System
  • NexGen
  • Innovak
  • Others (We are experts in integration – just ask)
"Decatur City Schools has partnered with MySchoolPayroll as a time and attendance solution for over 12 years.  Not only is our payroll procedure more efficient and accurate, MySchoolPayroll is reasonably priced and requires no large investment in equipment." Melanie Maples - Decatur City Schools